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Say No to DIY Garage Door Repair

A normal garage door repair work done by the professional can cost around $100 to $500. You can perform a garage door repair work on your own to deal with the broken garage door. You may end up with serious injuries and think, “why did I decide to do this to just save little money”? Right, DIY garage door fixing work can be dangerous because you are not familiar with the features, problems, and circumstances of a garage door. Thus, it is good to hire a professional like, Rory’s Garage Door Repair to handle your garage door. Well, have a look at the common problems of garage door and determine whether it is wise to hire a professional or not.

A crooked garage door is simple to repair as it is caused by broken cables coming from the drum. To deal with it, you just need a cable puller. Now attach the puller to the cable on the balanced side of the garage door and crank it until a little slack is created at the bottom. You have to reset the other cables and then release the cable puller that comes along with cable from another side of the garage door. To deal with these problems, you have to use some specific tools and expertise. A cable puller costs around $150 and unfortunately, there is no alternative household tool like screw gun or wrench to be used as cable puller. So my suggestion is to hire professional help.

A noisy garage door can be caused by the damaged or rusted moving parts like rollers, screws, and hinges inside the brackets. This problem is also easy to fix. The steel garage door rollers can be replaced with nylon rollers that are a relatively quiet and reliable option. The garage door hinges can be replaced once in the entire life of the door. Four screws are used to hold the hinges. The roller is used to slide out from one hole of bracket. So slide the nylon roller to replace the hinge.

Garage door roller placed on the top of the garage door is normally griped with a quarter-inches nut and can be fixed easily. The roller placed on the bottom side is tricky to replace. To deal with it, disconnect the garage door opener for safety, you need to open the door to its half path at the point where the upper and lower brackets meet and now bend the bracket to release it from the bottom of the door. Then detach the rope of door from the garage door roller and release it out. This process can be tricky and dangerous for an inexperienced person. So, if you are not confident to take this challenge. Don’t force yourself to live with a noisy garage door, just call an expert to fix noisy garage door rollers.

The most common matter is troubleshooting garage door opener problems. To deal with it, first and the obvious thing that you have to check is whether it is plugged in properly or not. Unplug it and plugin again to reset the sensor and then try to operate the garage door. There may be a possibility that the sensor of a garage door may have dusty lenses that can be wiped using a cotton cloth. Furthermore, checking the batteries of the garage door remote is another solution. If the batteries are in good condition, then reprogram the remote with the help of the user’s manual. If your garage door is still not working, pick a phone and make a call to contact a professional.


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