The View From The Topp has been here for more than a decade already and since then, we continue to provide great website content for people who love fashion. We started as a simple website that posts about great fashion style and items. We know how many people love the fashion industry and sharing different kinds of fashion item is already enough to give people inspiration for their own style and passion. For years, we have maintained being just a simple website but after two years of just sharing styles and advice, we wanted to be more interesting and fun.

The View From The Topp, fashion collections and styles

We have started exploring the history of fashion -from the late hundredth centuries up to the latest trends. The View From The Topp was able to give some facts and knowledge about the history of clothes, where it came from, how it evolved, and how people are taking it now. Many people loved that about us – that we do not just post some fashion articles but also made sure to let people know how fashion became as it is now and where it actually started from. Other than that, we maintained sharing and posting contents about the latest styles and fashion trends that are consistently growing and evolving as time goes by.

This website is a place for people to see tons of fashion collections and styles throughout the years. They would not just see here which styles became trendy during different eras, but they would also know how it evolved throughout the years. It is indeed fun to see how people’s styles and preferences changed as time passed by. We have become a website that we did not expect from the start but we do love our vision now and that is to continue providing useful tips and articles about fashion!