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Q. Hi! I always wanted to see your content but I wonder if I still need to create an account just to view your post.
A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us your message. The View From The Topp does require an account but only for those who wanted to be an official member of our site. For those who only want to view our posts and content, they are not required to create an account. The content of the View From The Topp can be seen by both members and non-members alike.

Q. Can I comment on your posts without an account and only with an email address and a name?
A. Hi! Thank you for sending us your message and question. People can only comment on the posts of View From The Topp if they have an account with us. Having an account doesn’t just enable people to comment but also to post on forums and be notified when there are updates.

Q. Hi, is it true that I can post anything on the forum site if I have a membership account? If yes, how do I create my account?
A. Hello, thank you for sending us your message. Yes, it is true that you can post anything you want on the forum as long as you have your own account. Creating an account is easy. Just go to the tab that says ‘join’ and follow the instructions given. All you need to do is to provide your email address and a few information just like when creating an account in other social media channels. Don’t worry, your information is confidential and we will make sure to share only your display name to the public.

Q. Do you share the fashion items and where they originated?
A. Hi! Yes, we do share the items from different style trends and share where they came from.